Tricky Ways to Increase Computer Speed in 6 Steps

Increase Computer Speed
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Increase Computer Speed: Speed up Your Computer’s Performance – Our world is fast-paced, and we are always looking for the fastest ways to do things. We don’t have the time to wait at the fast-food restaurants for our burgers, coffee to brew, or for our microwave popcorn to pop. So who has time for a slow computer?

You can take six steps to increase your computer’s speed, other than adding RAM. These steps are free and will speed up your computer.

Increase Desktop Computer Speed

  1. The first thing you need to do is empty your Recycle Bin. It’s simple. Point your cursor at the Recycle Bin icon and click on “Empty Recycle Bin.”
  2. Next, open your Internet Explorer and go to Tools, Internet Options. Next, click on “Delete cookies” then “Delete files.” Click OK to close the Internet Options window and close Internet Explorer. These two steps are the fastest and easiest. We made sure to get them out of our way first.
  3. Next, we will conduct a Disk Cleanup. Click on Start, All Programs. Accessories, System Tools. Disk Cleanup. Now, the disk cleanup function will begin to calculate how much space you can free up. After it finishes, you will be presented with a list of files that you can delete. You should have already checked some files. However, you can still go through the list to check for any files you don’t want and then click OK.
  4. It’s now time to perform disk defragmentation. It can take a while, so make sure you do this when you have other things on your mind. Set it up and then go to your favorite TV program, go to the gym, or mow the lawn. You get the idea: start, All Programs Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter. Click on Analyze. Click Analyze.
  5. After that, it’s time for a spyware scan. It is easy to become infected by spyware. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you run periodic scans. Any anti-spyware software can be used. Be aware that not all anti-spyware programs are the same. You should try at least three programs to be safe. They might surprise you with what they uncover. You may have spyware on your computer, and you don’t even know it. After the scans have been completed and all the spyware removed, it’s time to move on to the final step.
  6. The last step is to run an anti-virus scan. It is likely that you already have anti-virus software installed. I recommend that you install an anti-virus program as soon as possible. After the anti-virus program has been installed, you can run it. This can take between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the number of files on your hard drive. Once it is set, go ahead and run it. You should return in approximately an hour.

After you have completed all steps, restart your computer. You’ll be amazed at how responsive your computer feels now that you have completed all the steps. These six steps to increase computer speed should be followed at least once a week. Some actions can even be automated. This will ensure that your computer performs almost as well as it did when it was first purchased.