10 Smart Ways to Increase Pageviews of Your Blog

Increase Pageviews of Your Blog

Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher allow people to click on more pages, which can increase your revenue tremendously. But how do you get them to read more pages when they visit your site? Here are some tips to increase pageviews of your blog.

1. You should create pages in your blog that have reference material you frequently refer to in your posts. These static pages can also be crawled by search engines. As you write about your topic, you can refer others to them as references.

2. You can use articles as static pages. Articles can be reprinted on any topic by visiting http://www.articlecontentprovider.com/articlesubmit/. Then, refer others to read the articles related to your post. Each time you publish a post, you can add one article to a new page.

3. While posting, refer to any other posts that you have made on your blog. This encourages the reader to visit previous posts. You can also browse previous posts to decide which post you want to follow up. These archives should not be forgotten. It’s great material (you wrote it right?) Use it.

4. Link to your favorite posts on a page that is timeless. Browse through your posts and find the posts you want readers to find. Then, create a link page with those posts directly connected. Next, add a link from your homepage to the page. You can call it favorite posts, or whatever you like. Then click through to those links and benefit.

5. I have previously written here about the “more” tag. Write your post as usual, and then decide where to split it up on a new page. The tag is expanded and the readers must click on a different page to continue reading the story.

6. Write one per week about special projects. These articles are a series of articles about a specific topic. It will be offered once per week, giving readers a week for comments and then keeping them waiting for the next special post in that series. You can add links to previous posts from the series each time.

How to Increase Pageviews of Your Blog

7. You can also use content from other blogs or websites to increase pageviews. You can refer to content on other websites and blogs by using the target tag. This will open a new tab that will allow users to leave the current blog and go to your blog. This will allow you to quickly double your page views and also introduce your readers to other blogs and websites.

8. Create a list of 10 posts with the links. In your blog, write a post about 10 things that you want your readers know or to read. They will read the posts again, increasing pageviews and bringing back old material. They will also be able to see if there are any older posts they missed.

9. Visit other blogs related to your topic using the same 10 posts list or a different one. Look for posts that are similar to one of the 10 you have just read. Instead of linking to your home page with a link, leave a comment and refer to the post. This will increase your link popularity. Don’t spam the link. You must ensure that the link contains valuable information. You won’t attract spammers or trolls to your blog.

10. Don’t stop being creative. You can use the information in this article to create your own interlinking strategies for your blog posts. Make pages. Do not just publish and forget. Use the content you have created. Don’t make people search for your blog. They are busy and lazy. Give it to them. This is excellent customer service.

This article should help you realize that blogging is not just about writing posts once in a while, or even every day. You can increase page views by incorporating the tips I have provided to your blog. This will also increase revenue if you use an ad-program in your blog.

Ways to Increase Pageviews of Your Blog

4 Ways to Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Blog!

Blogging allows people to share their thoughts and ideas with others. People blog because they keep an online diary or journal. The same thing is a blog and weblog. Businesses may also blog in order to grow their business. Bloggers don’t only want to get more traffic to their sites. Blog owners want to keep their readers coming back for more. These are the top four ways to keep your visitors coming back for more.

Blogging is still a relatively new phenomenon

Blog writers may prefer to keep their blogs private, and not share any of their thoughts with anyone else. These blogs can be compared to online diaries. Others are keen to share what they have to say with the entire world. Bloggers are big business. Many websites offer free hosting. Blogs are also a great way for companies to market their products and services. It is often less expensive to blog online than hosting a website. Additionally, it is more entertaining for visitors and clients.

Keep your blog updated

This is the easiest way to keep people coming back to your site. Blogs that are updated on a daily basis will earn loyal readers. Many blog writers update their blogs several times per day. Your readers will lose interest if you wait several days before they receive new material. If you’re loyal to your readers, your readers will also be loyal. There are literally thousands upon thousands of blogs online. You will lose your readers if your blog isn’t updated on a regular basis. A fun way to keep your readers interested in your blog is to add something for them to enjoy. You could include a joke or link to a funny story that you’ve found on the Internet. A trivia game or poll might be something you could offer your readers.

Best ways to Increase Pageviews of Your Blog

Participate on web communities

By participating in discussions forums or web communities, and mentioning your blog whenever you can, readers will continue to return to your site. You can also gain new readers by doing this. Other writers can be your loyal friend and invite them to visit you site. Leave positive comments about their site, and invite them to visit yours. If you share similar interests and readers, you might even be able to share your blog links from your site. This benefits everyone. You and your reader will enjoy interesting reading, while you get to benefit from readers on the other site.

Learn who is reading your blogs

This is another great way to keep readers coming back for more. You don’t have to focus on one subject. You may not be appreciated by your readers if your writing touches on cutting-edge topics or contains foul language. Humour is a good way to keep your readers interested. Your site will attract readers to the things that brought them here in the first instance. These are usually the topics you are more passionate about writing about. It is possible to gain a deeper understanding of your reader’s interests if you include comments and encourage your readers contact you via email.

Incorporate keywords

Keywords can increase readership and keep readers engaged. These keywords, which point to your blog, will be displayed if someone searches for it. This is a great method to attract readers to your blog. This is a great way for companies increase their blog traffic.

Blogging is a new way to keep an online journal or diary. Blogs are becoming increasingly popular with companies. Your blog should stand out among the thousands of others. Keep your readers engaged and returning for more by regularly updating your writing, participating in online communities, understanding your readers, and including keywords.