How to Earn Money from Facebook 10 smart ways in 2020-21

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. Whether you own a full-fledged business or you only have one item to sell, anybody can make money with Facebook.

Earning money from Facebook isn’t as difficult as you think that. In fact, with over a billion active users and great advertising targeting these users, it’ll be a surprise if you can’t earn money from Facebook.

I have made and lost tons of cash on Facebook.

I will tell you exactly how I and my friends have wanted to earn money from Facebook.

To earn money from Facebook there are two ways:

1. Invest your money.

2. Invest your time and energy.

This article also has few ways to earn money from Facebook with none investment; but this may require time, effort, and energy- but it’s still doable.

First few facts. Facebook has over a billion users. meaning the platform already has the audience. All you would like to try to is find out the way to earn money from Facebook during a smart way.

I truly believe Indians are a number of the foremost creative people on the earth and that they will find out solutions for any problem including the one I’m presenting to you— the way to make money from Facebook.

If you’ll find out a model on the way to make money from Facebook, this might alright be your first stepping stone to earn money from home.

I will offer you a blueprint on the way to earn money from Facebook if you’ll crack it-great!

If you would like help, you’ll always inquire from me I will be able to attempt to assist you the simplest of my abilities.

I have listed the ways to form money on Facebook in an order of practicality. That means you’ll find the simplest ways to earn money on the highest of the list and towards rock bottom, the methods will take time, effort, and special skills to earn your money.

Who Can Make Money with Facebook?

Anybody can make money with Facebook! Like anything in life, you would like to be persistent and not hand over if your campaign doesn’t work the primary time.

For most of those suggestions, the standard of your Facebook profile goes to be your best way of creating a primary impression. There are many spammers on Facebook that promise the planet and never follow through. You don’t want to be one among these people as your chances of creating money are going to be slim.

Make sure your Facebook profile makes it appear as if you’re a true person. Put an image of yourself or your business emblem in your profile picture or cover photo section.

Also, confirm you list the right city you reside in so people don’t think you mistakenly post within the wrong group. Finally, include contact information and an internet site link if you own an area or online business.

How many daily active users does Facebook Have?

During the first quarter of 2020, Facebook reported over 1.73 billion daily active users (DAU). Overall, daily active users accounted for 67 percent of monthly active users.

 Source From

Facebook audience reach

With over 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. In its local market in the united states, Facebook accounts for over 45 percent of monthly social media visits. Facebook’s appeal is not only based on its social platform but also on its strong mobile integration and mobile messaging capabilities. Facebook Messenger, which was released as a standalone chat app in 2011, is one of the most popular mobile messenger apps worldwide.

Facebook revenue

In 2019, Facebook’s annual revenue amounted to close to 70.7 billion U.S dollars, the majority of which was generated via advertising. overall, the social network generated 92 percent of its annual revenue via mobile, illustrating Facebook’s symbiotic relationship with mobile social networking.

10 Ways You Can Make Money With Facebook.

Once your profile is ready to go, you’re now ready to start making money. In many cases, you’re going to be selling items or services you already own. But, we’ll also include a few other suggestions too.

1. Write a Facebook Post 

Start sharing content. Your content should be such people read/watch and share.

Facebook pages are said to possess a coffee organic reach and other people often forget you if you’re not consistent. You must have a pre-written pool of content. Also, you ought to schedule your posts in order that if you’re busy somewhere, your page will still keep running.

You can schedule your social media posts with apps like Buffer and HootSuite.

If you only want to sell to your current Facebook friends, you’ll write a post. within the “What’s on your mind?” field, start typing what you would like to’ll also include an image of the item too. Posts only share together with your friends, but they will be seen by others you don’t know if your friend shares the post.

Maybe you’ve seen your own friend circles selling cars, land, and other possessions rather than browsing the effort of selling to a stranger. If you’ve never sold anything on Facebook you’ll use their posts as an example to model your post.

Follow abreast of Facebook Messenger

Once a lover or group member expresses interest, continue the conversation on Facebook Messenger.

This private chat messaging service allows you to stay in-tuned with previous customers and potential customers that didn’t make a purchase the primary time. If you’re constantly flipping used items, you’ll keep these people in mind and send them a message once you finally find an item they wanted originally.

2. Buy and Sell products on Facebook to make money

The Facebook Marketplace is analogous to the favored Craigslist platform in some ways. Facebook offers the additional advantage of connecting to friends and friends of friends rather than strangers.

You aren’t ready to buy or sell directly from the Marketplace, so there’s no handcart or fees. Facebook doesn’t have any role within the payment or delivery of things. If you would like to start out selling, but you’re not able to open a store, this might be an excellent option for you. It’s sort of a digital yard sale. You post your items and members of your area people will get in-tuned if they need to form a sale.

The Facebook Marketplace could also be far better fit city dwellers because there’ll be more locals trying to find what you’ve got to sell. It’s an excellent spot for items that aren’t well worth the cost of shipping, like paperbacks or DVDs. Items for teenagers also are great products to sell because there are numerous parents on Facebook.

Post Your Product Information.

When you create your posts, include as many details as you’ll to assist your potential customers with an honest idea of what you’re offering. Include brand names, sizes, dimensions, and therefore the condition your products are in. you’ll also want to say why you’re selling. this is often a private platform, and private stories can assist you to sell on Facebook.

It’s easy to post a product to the Facebook Marketplace. From your feed, click Marketplace on the left-hand navigation. From there, click the Sell Something button and choose a category. Then, add your product description, pricing, general location, and pictures.

Your product listing will sleep in the Marketplace section of your Facebook business page and you’ll make edits to your post from there.

3. Earn Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

Do you use a web service that you simply just love and need to share with others? Word of mouth recommendations is one among the foremost efficient sorts of advertising. Companies know this and that’s why they provide a refer-a-friend bonus when your friends join by social media.

One company that gives social media refer-a-friend bonuses is Rakuten. Maybe you already use them to earn cashback on nearly every online purchase yourself! you’ll send email invites or click the social media share buttons in your account to share your referral link. If your friend signs up through your referral link, you’ll earn a cash bonus!

More companies that you simply use on a daily basis offer referral bonuses than you would possibly realize. Take a moment or two and see if you’ll earn some extra cash by sharing your favorite apps and websites on social media.

4. Create Facebook Ads

What was once deemed the wild, Wild West of advertising has now become the mainstream method for reaching your audience. Today, driving sales with Facebook ads is one of the fastest ways to form money. regardless of what sort of product or service or information you’re peddling, the quickest thanks to going from zero to hero are to structure the proper ad that drives traffic to the proper funnel and targets the proper prospect.

Simple, right?

If you’ve had any experience with Facebook ads, you recognize that it takes a Jedi mindset to overcome this field and to truly churn a profit. Not only do your ads got to get on point, so to talk, but so does your entire sales funnel. But, once you’ve built out your converting offer, all you would like to try to is to optimize those conversions then start scaling your business.

So how does one set about doing that? And who does one trust to find out this information from? If you have been hanging around Facebook for any measure of your time, you’ve likely encountered the guru gauntlet of coaches who want to sell you their course and teach you ways to form money online using Facebook ads. Funny thing is, most of them haven’t made much money in the least for themselves.

The truth is that there are only a couple of at the top of this game. Some experts might understand the way to writing sizzling copy that sells while others understand the mechanics of converting offers and still others that get the intricacies of detailed targeting. Few can roll in the hay all. For that reason, I turned to an industry leader for the low down and therefore the skinny on Facebook Ads.

You can create ads for someone else’s page or for your page.

Rajesh teaches people how to make an extra $ 800 or more a month for running Facebook ads for other companies and blogs. He’s known as the millennial money man and has a course called Facebook ads and course. He started creating ads for other people as side ads and its course into mainstream revenue.

As a business owner, you can run ads to help grow your business. For this suggestion, you will first need to create a Facebook page for your business website. In fact, think of pages as” Facebook for business.” Creating a page is free and only takes a few minutes and any business or website is eligible.

Tips to make Facebook Ads

While Page posts can assist you to make money, you furthermore may get to use paid Facebook ads to succeed in a replacement audience. you’ll create your own ads or use a service like Flourish With Facebook Ads to make professional ads that will attract more clicks the primary time.

As you create posts on your Page, you’ll have the choice to click the blue “Boost Post” button. After clicking the button, you’ll be taken to the ad creator tool. Although there are more features than what’s mentioned below,

There are three tools you want to pay close attention to:

  • Objective (Do you would like to interact together with your audience or make sales?)
  • Audience (Target a selected audience or not?)
  • Budget (How much are you willing to spend and the way many days does one want the campaign to last?)

A huge advantage of Facebook ads is that you simply can target a selected audience supported where they live, age, gender, and interests. Or, you’ll also advertise to your followers and their friends if you select also. you’ll also monitor the people reached and therefore the number of engagements. After the campaign finishes, you’ll compare the number of engagements to the entire campaign cost to calculate your cost-per-click (CPC) amount.

If you’ve ever advertised elsewhere for business, you recognize that advertising is often expensive during a hurry. Advertising on Facebook is comparatively inexpensive for paid ads since you’ll choose your audience for less than a couple of dollars compared to hundreds or thousands of dollars per campaign.

Running Facebook ads may be a learning process supported trial-and-error. due to the low-cost requirements, don’t be afraid to undertake several small campaigns that only cost $10 to $15 each with different target audiences to seek out what works best for you.

5. Create Facebook Live Videos

In an effort to rival Twitter-owned Periscope, Facebook lets mobile users broadcast live videos. Now, quite a year after introducing Facebook Live, all users can now go live from a computer.

With this functionality, Facebook goes after desktop-aimed streaming sites, like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Desktop streamers can broadcast from their webcam and use external hardware or streaming software, a bit like they will from Twitch. meaning you are not limited to at least one sort of stream, as you’ll broadcast your face or things like gameplay footage and picture-in-picture videos.

Here’s everything you would like to understand about Facebook Live, including the way to broadcast from a mobile or desktop.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live may be a feature found on Facebook’s website and within the Facebook mobile apps. With this feature, you’ll start a live video, and your friends and followers can watch and have interaction with the printed in real-time. This feature debuted in 2015 and has slowly expanded to more platforms, with the foremost recent update bringing desktop users into the fold.

How does Facebook Live work?


To add a filter to your live video, attend the iOS or Android app to start out your live broadcast, then tap the wand icon and scroll to look at all filter options. you’ll tap any filter to pick it. You’ll also see the power to draw or doodle on videos while live.

6. Earn Money from Facebook by affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing may be relatively recent on Facebook. Despite that, those that are into affiliate marketing view because of the best means of doing so. this is often due to the large number of people who get to log in on a daily basis. this is often because aside from the massive number of individuals, Facebook features a very user-friendly interface with people going to know more of your product being as easy as hitting the “like” button.

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

There are several things that one has got to confine mind whenever he or she does affiliate marketing on Facebook. tons folks are indeed conversant in the whole interface of the location and thus it might be easier for any folks to be affiliate marketers.

To do affiliate marketing on Facebook, you merely need a link to your affiliate product that might track whether you’ve got made a purchase or not. There are several programs that might assist you to work your way around social media for affiliate marketing. a number of these include also as, both of which supply effective systems for tracking viral views thus allowing you to form the foremost out of payment. 

When it involves using Facebook for the affiliate marketer, there are several strategies that one could employ. a number of them make use of Facebook’s messenger feature, through posts on people’s personal walls, or in groups. Others on the opposite hand, make it some extent to use a mixture of both of those strategies with great care that they’re ready to generate as many clicks, and eventually, leads as possible.


7. Make Money from Facebook page

Facebook offers users the power to make pages and attract followers to support the niche. Naturally, you’d be thinking, the way to earn money from Facebook Pages All of those “Funny” pages have amassed many followers during a very short time and once you’ve got a page, you’ll monetize it fairly easily. you’ll either do sponsored posts with these pages in exchange for money or maybe attempt to sell your own products on the page.

As you’d have guessed, this takes significant time to form a successful page, so consider this as long as you’re certain the end of the day. A few years back, creating a viral Facebook page as easy as you’d get many organic views and shares for your posts for free of charge. Facebook literally killed organic reach and now it’ll take a lot of your time, money, and even people to make a successful page.

That being said, if you’re really hooked into making a page, I don’t see why you ought to not provides it an attempt. Find an honest niche and begin building your Facebook page slowly.

Once you’ve got enough followers you’ll even attempt to sell the page to some bigger brands who are willing to pay the right price for your page.

Ways to Earn Money through Facebook Pages

  1. Sell Products through the Page
  2. Sell Ad Spaces to greater brands on the Page
  3. Sell Courses on the Page
  4. Sell the Page Directly (Takes Time & Effort)

For all of those ways to form money from Facebook pages, you’d obviously got to have a page with a good number of followers.

Time to urge Started: 10-15 Days (If you’re Create a Facebook page)

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Earning Potential: Approximately INR $ 700 per month

8. Earn money through Facebook likes and comments

You’ve probably heard of Facebook likes and comments, regardless of what business you run. You’ve already read tons of stuff about it. Like and comments, that it is a perfect way for the business to draw in new customers. Also, it is a good way to stay current customers, and it is a good way to interact with current, new, and potential customers. All of those things are true, but as long as you employ the platform correctly. Use it incorrectly, and you’ll find that it’s nowhere near as useful for you and your business. you’ll find yourself wasting some time.

There are many belongings you got to study Facebook, like the way to build and use a profile, the way to connect with customers effectively, and far more. Without them, you’ll find that your posts and page don’t get any traction on the location, and you’ll find it hard to actually make an impression

The basic concept is that the more people you wish and discuss your Facebook, the more they’re conscious of your business. meaning your potential customers are that, so you’ve got an excellent opportunity to form those potential customers, real customers.

Once someone has like and discuss your Facebook, they’ll constantly see your business posts. to market your business, you’ll use these posts and potentially have thousands of repeat customers. They also offer you the chance to interact together with your current customers, who can post on your Facebook page, ask them, and switch them into repeated customers.

How to Get Facebook Likes and Comments, Thus Make More Money?

For Facebook likes and comments, you can get help from the curated marketplace, such as Appsally.

  1. Click here for Facebook Likes
  2. Click here for Facebook Comments

What I can say, this site will help you better to gain money for the first step you want to grow on the Facebook platform. Thus, I wish good luck to you!

9. Earn Money from Facebook by Selling Courses

Nowadays most are selling online courses. If you’ve got any skill and you are doing anything better than most of the people out there, you’ll make a web course and sell it on Facebook.

The beauty of Facebook lies in the detailed targeting which you’ll use to focus on your potential audience and if your course is sweet enough you’ll make some money out of it.

As with any sort of e-learning, the investment is merely in creating the course and once that’s done, margins are almost 90%.

You can create a course on Business Development, Sales, or simply about anything.

Earn Money from Facebook by Selling Courses Again, check out people selling courses to validate the thought before making your own course.


10. Earn Money from Facebook Apps

Facebook apps are often a strong source of revenue provided you recognize the way to make a useful application. Facebook apps are programmable and you’ll even define the database or extract user information counting on your requirements.

Obviously to make and make money from Facebook apps you would like to be technically sound and have some understanding of Facebook apps–which isn’t very common.

I have only created simple Facebook apps within the past, but my friends who are using Facebook apps say it’s very powerful.

To get started, go here Facebook’s app builder.

Then follow instructions to make the app of your choice.

Here are 15 Facebook Apps which will offer you thought about the potential of earning money through Facebook apps.

Earn Money from Facebook Apps

Also, once you’ve got build an app you’ll attempt to sell it or become an app developer for other companies and make money.

Ways to Earn Money from Facebook through Facebook Videos

  • Create A Useful Facebook App
  • Get Your Facebook app approved
  • Sell your app to 3rd party buyers or use it to form land Freelance projects
  • Repeat

Time to urge Started: 45 Days or More

Difficulty Level: Hard

Estimated Revenue: Unlimited


Frequently Asked Questions About Earn Money from Facebook

Can I Earn Money From Facebook?

Yes of course you can! I have listed down most of the easy ways to earn money from Facebook, you can try any of these and start making money.

How do I check my Facebook monetization eligibility?

Go to Creative studio, go to Facebook Section, Go to Overview, go to page picker, and check the status of your page.

How much we can earn from Facebook?

It Depends, if you are only focused on earning money from Facebook through video views, then it will take a lot of time and money will be less. If you focus on other ways of monetization mentioned in the article, you can earn money from Facebook faster.

So, there you have it, these are some of the ways to earn money from Facebook in 2020.

I will be updating the list as and when I discover more ways to make money from Facebook so please keep coming back.

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